Endpoint Backup Manager for Desktops and Laptops: Automatic Backups, Plain and Simple

Posted 2017-09-06

If your business has users that sometimes work where they have no access to the internet, they likely create and manage files on their computer. If they remember to later store them on the server, great. But, what if they forget or simply decide it is easier to just work from their computer? If a laptop is stolen or in the event of a software or hardware failure, your could lose valuable data. While we will continue to recommend working from files on a server, we have a great solution for people who find that isn't practical all the time.



What Happens after a Hacker Steals Your Password

Posted 2017-08-01

A security firm posted a fictitious employee's Google Apps credentials on the Dark Web to learn how cybercriminals use stolen passwords. Find out what the 1,400 hackers who viewed the credentials did with the information.



A Disaster Recovery Plan Requires Solid Backup Solutions

Posted 2017-07-11

A Disaster Recovery Plan is designed to help an organization recover from a major network failure. Essentially, the key to successfully creating a Disaster Recovery Plan is to possess a practical and well understood set of goals that are centered on your business needs. This requires planning and preparation, from conducting a business impact study, to understanding and quantifying risks, as well as classifying and prioritizing the equipment, applications and data for recovery.



5 Types of Files You Should Back Up Regularly

Posted 2017-06-07

Regular backups are an important part of any business's disaster recovery plan. Not every file is essential, though, so you should focus on files critical to the operation of your business. Here are five types of files that should be at the top of the list.



How to Use Microsoft's New Privacy Dashboard

Posted 2017-04-27

Microsoft has launched a privacy dashboard that lets you see what information it is collecting about you and storing in the cloud. Discover how to access this dashboard and what changes you can make to your privacy settings.